Coming Soon! SmartDraft for AutoCAD 2016

January 26, 2015 - New Version Released! SmartDraft 12.1.27

Changed Copyright notice to SmartDraft, Inc.
Added support for BricsCAD v14, and v15 (separate installation): Suite, Survey, PConnect, and Construction Notes
New Civil 3D Pipe Network Commands for Civil 3D 2012 or higher.
Adjust Pipe Slope / Elevations (Use to change the slope of pipes between selected structures, with options to change slope at each structure, drop at structure, and skip null structures).
Structure Bottom Label Profile View.
Structure RIM Label Profile View.
Crossing Pipe Label Profile View.
Planview Structure Label.
Profile View Labels Reset to Home Position
Create Planview 3D Polyline from Pipe Network
Added support to edit the Name and Description of Pipe Networks Pipes, and Structures to the Edit Label commands.
Added support for Civil 3D Pipes to the List and Labeling commands.
Added support for Civil 3D Pipes to the Elevation Label and Slope Label (One Point) commands.
New Parcel enhancements
New User Defined Parcel Types within the Define Parcels command.
Added support for Civil 3D parcels to the Area Table command.
Survey commands for Civil 3D 2012 of higher.
Point Group States Manager. For Civil 3D 2013 or higher.
Point Block Extract.
Added command List Available Point Numbers in Survey Database.
Added command Display who has a Survey Database open. For Civil 3D 2012 or higher.
Added command Purge Point Groups.
Added commands Export Description Key Set, Export Point Styles, and Import Description Key Set.
Added Select option to the Points Manual, Points by Coordinates, and Points Setback command.
Points Calculate Slope, Points Elevation by Slope, and Points Elevation.
Added commands Modify Elevations of Feature Lines or 3D Polylines: Absolute Hinge and Modify Elevations of Feature Lines or 3D Polylines: Relative Hinge.
Added interval and outline options to the Label Contours command.
Added option to sequence the tag number or letter or prompt for the next tag number or letter in the option of Labeling command.
Other enhancements
Added the Pentagon and Star Symbol to the reference symbol options.
Added select feature option to the ID Elevation command. For Civil 3D only. Supported features: Surface, 3D Polyline, Feature Line, Survey Figure, Parcel Segment, Alignment and Profile, and Pipe Network Pipe and Alignment.
Added command Reference Symbol Attach.
Added "Attach to Label" to the Reference Symbol command so the reference symbol will stay associated to the selected SmartDraft Label.
Added Run : Rise 2 (text only rotated 90 degrees) option to Slope Label (One Point), Slope Label (Two Points), and Slope Label (Manual) commands.
Added Elevation Label and Point output options to the Calculate Slope, Calculate Elevation, and Interpolate Interval commands.
Added command Layer Export

October 1, 2014 - News: Ownership change.

The developer, Rex Allan Cooper, reacquired the popular SmartDraft line of productivity enhancement software for AutoCAD. The acquisition of SmartDraft provides the exciting opportunity to develop features our clients, in the land development industry, requested. Several of which are in the developmental stage.  SmartDraft’s powerful enhancement features and ease of use make SmartDraft a great third party technology solution.

Review and Rating:

SmartDraft PConnect receives a rating of 4.5 out of 5 from 


March 27, 2014 - SmartDraft 12.0.16 Released!

Added support for AutoCAD Civil 3D 2015, AutoCAD Map 3D 2015, and AutoCAD 2015
Construction Notes
Cross Sections from Points
Station and Offset Report from Points
Parcel Inquiry
Area Divide
Section View: Draw a Polyline
Label Profile Views and Profile View Label Update
Label Section Views and Section View Label Update
Convert Survey Figure to 2D Polyline
Erase Polylines
Erase 3D Polylines
Added new options and dialog box to Arc Leader, Straight Leader, Profile Arc Leader, and Profile Straight Leader
Added Elevation options to Convert 3D to 2D Polyline
Added support for Feature Lines with the Polyline Reverse Direction command
Added Description Key Set selection to Import option of PConnect Description Key Style Manager command
Added Run : Rise option to Slope Label (One Point), Slope Label (Two Points), and Slope Label (Manual)
Added support for the Civil 3D Profile Object Layer with the Profile from Points Along an Alignment command

SmartDraft Apps on the Autodesk Exchange Store

Be the first to “test drive” SmartDraft applications from Autodesk Exchange | Apps, and write a review. There are several fully-functional “trial” applications to evaluate for 30 days, including:

SmartDraft Text Tools create text parallel, arc text, add notes, sequential text (both numbers and letters), text horizontal, vertical, align to object, text swap, copy string, add prefix / suffix, and much more.

SmartDraft Inquiry Tools measure distances, angles, ID points and elevations, count blocks, and list / label closed areas.

SmartDraft View Tools are a set of productivity tools when using view twist, saving and restoring the views, rotating the crosshairs, and creating viewports.

SmartDraft Pipe 2 Polyline generates an AutoCAD® polyline from a Autodesk® AutoCAD® Civil 3D® pipe network.

Demonstration Videos

Click on the    icon below to view a video demonstration
Crossing Pipe Label (Profile View)
Elevation Labels
Point Block Extract
Text Tools
View Tools
Inquiry Tools
Construction Notes Video provides a quick walkthrough of the Construction Notes Tools (length: 17 minutes)
Cross Sections from Points Video gives an overview on creating cross sections from points collected in the field (length: 6 minutes).
HEC-RAS Tool: Create Sample Lines or Polylines along an alignment
HEC-RAS Tool: Create HEC-RAS Data
HEC-RAS Tool: Create HEC-RAS Floodplain Lines
HEC-RAS Tool: Create HEC-RAS Cross Sections
Inverse Points command
Associate Survey Working Folder command
Parcel Tools
PConnect command


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