Layer Tools

Layer Tools Examples 1

SmartDraft® Layer Tools:

  • Create a new layer from SmartDraft's layer database.

  • List an objects layer. Supports come Civil 3D objects. Will list both the object and component layers from the associated style.

  • Change the layer type. Cycle layer type between Proposed, Existing, and Demolition.

  • Manage layer settings. Save and restore layer configurations settings.

  • Thaw layers currently frozen from a dialog box.

  • Freeze an object's layer inside a block or external reference by selecting it. Supports some Civil 3D objects. Will display a dialog box to freeze the object and/or component layers.

  • Modify the layer property of object(s) to the layer property of another object.

  • With the Layer control, you can:
    • Make a layer current;
    • View the layer of a selected object;
    • Change an object's layer; and
    • Change a layer's properties by clicking on the icons in the Layer control.

  • Turn layers on or off.

  • Freeze or thaw layers in all viewport.

  • Freeze or thaw layers in the current viewport.

  • Lock or unlock layers.

  • Show the color assigned to a layer.

SmartDraft® Layer Tools II:

  • Set an object's layer current.

  • Isolate an object's layer.

  • Restore layers after Isolate Layer.

  • Rename a layer.

  • List the layer names of objects at the command prompt.

  • Inquire layer name within blocks or external references.

  • Load custom linetypes.

  • Delete all the objects on selected layers.


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