Parcel Tools

SmartDraft® Create Report command can use AutoCAD® Civil 3D®, AutoCAD Land Desktop, and SmartDraft parcels.
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  • Define Parcels: Create a named parcel from a closed polyline. Assign a type, name, and optional description to each parcel. Use Label Parcels to label and manage these parcels, Area Table to create a tabular list of the parcels, and Create Reports to create an area, closure, and legal description report..

  • Label / Manage Parcels: Label the SmartDraft Parcels with its name, square feet / meters, and acres / hectares. Manage the name, zoom to, and delete these parcels.

Create Reports: Create an area, closure, and legal description report from SmartDraft and Civil 3D Parcels.
Feature: Closure report have an option to include point numbers.

Parcel Report Example

  • Parcel Inquiry: View and Modify SmartDraft Parcel data associated to a polyline.

  • Area Divide: Divide a closed area by sliding or rotating a division line.

  • Area Table: SmartDraft and Land Desktop Parcels.

  • Legal Description from Polyline: Create a customizable Metes and Bounds legal description from a selected polyline, closed or open, or a Civil 3D Parcel.

  • Legal Description Style Manager: Create and modify legal description custom styles used with the Legal Description from Polyline and Legal Report commands.


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