About Us

SmartDraft®, established in 1989, set its mission to provide powerful productivity tools for Civil Engineers, Surveyors, Land Planners, and Mapping professionals, with a focus on providing low cost and comprehensive software solutions.

SmartDraft provides the Engineering communities with the tools necessary to create civil engineering plan sets more rapidly and consistently than AutoCAD® products straight out of the box. Why? The computer does what it is good at - repetition and following directions. What this means to you, the Design Professional, is that you can spend less time trying to manually make your plan sets follow standards and instead focus on making sure they contain the necessary design information.

The developer, Rex Allan Cooper, reacquired the popular SmartDraft line of productivity enhancement software for AutoCAD on October 1, 2014. The acquisition of SmartDraft provides the exciting opportunity to develop features our clients in the land development industry request – several of which are in the developmental stage.  SmartDraft’s powerful enhancement features and ease of use make SmartDraft a great third party technology solution.



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