Layout Tools

SmartDraft® Layout Tools Aid in Site Layout and Design and Allow the Operator to:

    Desgn Tools Example 1
  • Change the length of a line or arc

  • Change the angle (bearing) of a line

  • Create a line tangent to an arc

  • Create a line tangent to two arcs

  • Create a line perpendicular to a line or radial to an arc or circle

  • Create a line at the bisection angle of two selected lines

  • Create radial lines from selected arcs

  • Create a line at a turned or deflection angle

  • Create an arc tangent to an existing line

  • Create an arc by length

  • Create a reverse curve between two lines

  • Create a tangency report from selected objects

  • Create a traverse of lines and arcs

  • Create parking stalls along a line or arc

  • Create lot lines along a line or arc

  • Create a Cul-de-sac

  • Create a Knuckle

  • Create a pedestrian ramp

  • Offset Block

  • Offset Current

  • Offset Multiple

  • Offset Street

  • Offset 3D Polylines

  • Rectangle

  • Reference Symbols

  • Reverse Polyline Direction


Design Tools Examples 2


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