Point Tools

SmartDraft® Point Tools allow the operator to:
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Point Tools Examples 1

  • Control point insertion settings. Set insertion layer, point type, and elevation from object (surface, profile, feature line)

  • Create points which go directly into the Civil 3D Survey Database

  • Create points along a line at setback distances

  • Create points at end and radius points of selected objects

  • Create points along an alignment at specified stations and offsets

  • Connect point with a polyline or 3D polyline

Associate points to Civi 3D alignment for station and offset information. Create a station and offset point table.
  • Merge ASCII point files and check for duplicate numbers

  • ID the northing, easting, and elevation of a point selected on the screen

  • Create a dynamic point label by selecting point objects

Point Block Extract
  • Create a dynamic coordinate label

Associate Survey Working Folder
  • Create a point selection set

  • Find and replace raw description in points and survey points

  • Delete Point Groups

  • Create a coordinate table of points in the drawing

Point Tools Examples 2


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