Polyline Tools

SmartDraft® Polyline Tools Assist the Operator to:

  • Polyline Tools Examples 1Create a Polyline over existing objects

  • Change the starting point of a closed Polyline

  • Modify the (bulge) arc factor of all segments in a Polyline

  • Create Polyline with Arcs

  • Add, Modify, or Remove an Arc from a selected Polyline segment

  • Convert an Arc, Line, or Polyline to a Tree / Brush line

  • Add vertices to a Polyline

  • Turn the PLINEGEN attribute of Polylines to "on"

  • Modify the width of Polylines

  • Join Arcs, Lines, Polylines, and Text Strings

  • Join Arcs, Lines, and 2D Polylines with gap tolerance

  • Join Arcs, Lines, and Polylines on the same layer and at the same elevation

  • Convert 3D Polyline to 2D Polyline

  • Convert 2D Polyline to 3D Polyline

  • Convert a Spline to a 2D or 3D Polyline

  • Create a legal description from a selected Polyline

  • Create and modify legal description styles to be used with the Legal Description Report commands

  • Reverse Polyline direction


Polyline Tools Examples 2


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