SmartDraft 17 Survey

SmartDraft® Survey is a subset of SmartDraft Suite, which focuses on surveyors and mapping professionals. Survey provides tools to label and modify labels of lines and curves with bearings, distances, deltas, radii, tangents, etc. Tools to place and label points, create closure reports, and write legal descriptions from polylines or parcels are also included, as well as tools for planview layout.

Survey's new dynamic labels give the operator a truer AutoCAD® Civil 3D® experience. (Note: These dynamic labels update in AutoCAD® Land Desktop, as well.)

Key Features:

  • Improved SmartDraft to better support drawings using metric units. New!
  • Define Alignment. New!
  • Label polyline elevation as contours. Supports Civil 3D surfaces, and other objects with z value.
  • Inquiry tools written to return survey formated information from lines, arcs, polylines, within Xrefs, and various Civil 3D objects.
  • Label closed areas with dynamic area information.
  • Closure, area, inverse, legal description reports from Civil 3D or SmartDraft parcels.
  • Parcel user define parcel types.
  • Define parcel from closed areas and a number tag.
  • Legal description from a polyline or Civil 3D parcel.
  • Area Divide.
  • Line / Arc labeling, with support via XRef, polylines, Civil 3D alignments, pipe networks, pressure pipes, and parcel segments.
  • Tools to edit the existing labels.
  • Layout tools for street offsets, cul-de-sacs, and knuckles.
  • Layer tools which support some Civil 3D object layers, and component layers.
  • Planview 3D polyline from Civil 3D alignments and profiles.
  • Planview 3D polyline from Civil 3D pipe networks.
  • Dynamic Station and Offset labels.
  • Dynamic Alignment Intersection labels.
  • Dynamic northing and eastinig labels.
  • Dynamic grid labels
  • Block and Detail Manager (Symbol Manager)
  • Construction Notes.
  • Cross Sections from Points.
  • Station and Offset Report from Points.
  • Convert Survey Figure to 2D Polyline.
  • Point Block Extract - Extract the block from a Civil 3D point with a Point Style contanting a block symbol. New!
  • Associate Civil 3D points to an alignment to create a station and offset information. Create a station and offset point table.
  • Polyline Text.
  • Point Group States (Save and restore point group order).
  • Merge ASCII point files with error and duplicate point checking.
  • Display who has a Civil 3D Survey Database open.
  • Find and replace raw descriptions in drawing or Civil 3D survey database points.
  • List the avaliable points in a Civil 3D survey database.
  • Associate a point's elevation to an alignment / profile, pipe network pipe, 3D polyline, feature line, or surface.
  • Inverse Points Inverse between point objects, point numbers, or Civil 3D Survey database points
  • Associate Survey Working Folder Associate and set the Civil 3D Survey Working Folder with a drawing
  • Export / Import Civil 3D point object drag states from one drawing to another.
  • Export / Import Civil 3D Description Key Sets.
  • Draw 2D or 3D polyline through point objects.
  • Create a Civil 3D profile from point objects alogn an alignment.
  • Dynamic paperspace Barscale with values associated to viewport scale.
  • Dynamic paperspace North Arrow associated to viewport twist.

SmartDraft Survey Supports:

  • AutoCAD Civil 3D 2009 - 2018
  • AutoCAD 2009 - 2018
  • AutoCAD Map 3D 2009 - 2018
  • AutoCAD Land Desktop 2009
  • BricsCAD v14 - v17

What's Included:

Command List

Only: $395 each Individual License
  $495 with PConnect each Individual License

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