View Tools

The following commands are demonstrated in the video below.

View Twist: Twist the view so two selected points in the drawing become parallel to the bottom of the screen.
View Twist to 0: Twist the view so north is pointing direction up.
View All: Restore a view saved with the View Save All command.
View Save All: Save a separate view for model space, in a layout tab, in each viewport window. Use View All to restore the saved views.

Crosshairs Horizontal to Screen: Rotate the crosshairs to be parallel with the bottom of the screen.
Crosshairs to 0: Rotate the crosshairs to point in a northerly direction.
Crosshairs Align to Object: Align crosshairs parallel to a selected line or polyline.

The commands listed below are included only in SmartDraft Suite:
Viewport Make: Create viewport by specifying a rectangular area in modelspace.
Viewport Zoom: Viewport zoom setup by selecting the viewport frame.
Viewport Divide: Divide a viewport vertically or horizontally.
Viewport Align: Align selected viewports' content to a source viewport.
Viewport Move: Move the contents of a viewport vertically or horizontally by a given interval.



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